“A Hungarian singer, an Italian guitarist, a Greek bassist and an Italian drummer (all now living in London) have formed Achilla, a modern, very original metal band. Their self-produced album 'Timeless' has as much progressive rock influence as it has the sound of In Flames. There are also elements of electronic infusion, plus classic rock melodies. Put this all together and the result is an interesting but by no means chaotic sound pattern, mainly because of the great guitar work and clear, strong singing.”
Götz Kühnemund, Editor in Chief
(A demo review of the upcoming album ‘Timeless’)
Rock Hard, Germany

“I think you are an excellent singer. I believe you are close to what Kate Bush would sound like if she worked with a band who were a mixture of Lacuna Coil, Jefferson Airplane and Panic Room.”
Malcolm Dome
Metal Hammer, Classic Rock Magazine, TotalRock Radio

“One minute she sings with a voice that's deeper than Marlene Dietrich on testosterone. The next minute she's giving out high-pitched bat squeaks loud enough to set sheepdogs barking hundreds a miles away.”
Tracy Gayton
(On Martamaria's voice)
South London Press

"Christ! That's window shattering"
Peter Allen
(On Martamaria's voice)
BBC Radio 5 Live

"I really liked your work, its female fronted but with balls and inspiration"
Bob Katsionis
(on Achilla’s Timeless Album)

"Guitarist Daniele Panza is an accomplished shredder."
Malcolm Dome
Metal Hammer, Classic Rock Magazine, TotalRock Radio

"Your voice is brilliant!!! I would like to listen to you again, again and again..."
Andrzej Kusky
Pro-Radio, Poland