My name is Marta Maria Kupeczik (Martamaria). I am a motivational speaker. Recognizing that happiness is more in our hands than we would ever thought possible, is why I have named my school talk “The Road to Happiness”.

I was always aware of people finding me from all walks of life to seek help or emotional support, but I did not know what being a highly empathetic individual (empath) meant. Being born as an emotional empath but not recognizing it, knowing myself well, but far from knowing myself well enough for decades has drastically changed my life for the better. A proper emotional awakening process is usually delayed in our lives due to lack of understanding of basic emotional terms, which should be no less valued than the multiplication table in mathematics we all learn in elementary school.

Though I had recognized that I needed to go back to the emotional intelligence basics to understand those few major questions that I so far haven’t managed to answer in my own life, after I had done so, I was ready to serve communities on a larger scale: I have started motivational school speaking to share the knowledge I've gained. Having recognized that we do not have a chance to learn some important basic terms, such as the difference between unconditional and conditional love, empathy and empathy deficit, emotional defense mechanisms and how both bullies and those who are bullied are created, has hit me hard. There is a huge difference between subconsciously recognizing traces of what is happening to us, and consciously being aware how emotional intelligence basics, which start when you are born, influence our lives and all our human relationships.

Being a motivational school speaker I can combine everything I have so far gained experience in: my nursing studies, being a touring singer, a medical and legal interpreter and being a qualified life coach. Through having insight in these fields and doing a thorough self-study over a number of years has brought me clarity, which has helped me to revise my own life’s relationships and those of others.

I fuse emotional intelligence terms into a story that gives the listener an insight into the meaning of it all in less than an hour.

Though I also talk to adults, I have realized that the sooner we recognize our own qualities, value system, driving forces, the better chance we have to build and successfully retain our private and later business relationships. That is why I have been focused on various schools.

My work, one day, hopefully will become part of school’s core curriculum.

At present we leave the emotional education of our children to chance, with ever more disastrous results. One solution is a new vision of what schools can do to educate the whole student, bringing together mind and heart in the classroom.
Daniel Goleman

I am a creative and versatile speaker. Though my talk has a core, I can tailor my talk to suit your class in terms of both length and content. The minimum time I talk for is one hour.

Core terms introduced are:

  • The difference between unconditional and conditional love
  • Empathy and empathy deficit
  • Emotional defense mechanisms
  • How bullies and those they bully are created

I had delivered various school speeches in Hungary (Budapest) and London. I have talked to kids/young adults from 6-22 years old in various educational institutions ranging from 1 hour speeches (40 minutes talk/20 minutes Q&A front of a combined class) to four hours communication based workshops. I was invited to talk to Aspergerian and ADHD kids (10-11 years).

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